EnercitEE – Final Interregional Conference in Brussels

On 25th September 2013 EnercitEE’s final conference took place in the Saxony Liaison Office in Brussels. About 100 guests from DG Energy, the European Parliament, from many regional liaison offices and federations joined the EnercitEE partners, listened to their experiences made, to the good practices presented and discussed the results with them. 

Showing the implementation of EU energy directives into regional policies and practices as well as giving practical implementation examples – these were the main objectives of the final conference organized by the Mini-Programme Coordination Office, the coordinating team of the Saxon Lead Partner.

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Regionale Abschlussveranstaltung „Sachsen trifft Europa: Innovative Ergebnisse für mehr Energieeffizienz in Kommunen und bei den Bürgern

Das europäische Energieeffizienzprojekt EnercitEE zieht Bilanz nach mehr als dreijähriger erfolgreicher Arbeit. Bei einer regionalen Abschlussveranstaltung am 13.06.2013 in Dresden Hellerau wurden viele innovative Lösungen und Instrumente aus den 10 Teilprojekten präsentiert.

SM Kupfer

Themenschwerpunkte waren dabei energieeffiziente Gebäude, Bewusstseinsbildung und Sensibilisierung, Finanzierungsmodelle und –programme sowie konzeptionelle und planerische Maßnahmen für die Kommunalverwaltung. Viele dieser Ergebnisse sind übertragbar und stehen nun Kommunen, Bürgern und anderen interessierten Akteuren zur Weiternutzung zur Verfügung.

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Success for EE saving brochure developed in the LEEAN project

To support municipal staff, staff of housing associations and local energy and climate advisors in their work in counselling e.g. tenants is one of the overall objectives in the LEEAN project. The Energy Agency of South East Sweden has in cooperation with staff of housing associations and local energy and climate advisors developed an EE brochure that follows the topic and specific need specified by the parties involved.

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Regional EnercitEE conference was held in the capital of Lower Silesia, Wrocław, on 29 March 2012

As INTERREG IVC’s EnercitEE project has reached its halfway stage, the conference organized in the city of Wrocław provided a great opportunity to present its achievements so far with emphasis on regional outputs especially. With 8 sub-projects out of 11 featuring active Lower Silesian partners  (including 1 Lead Sub-Project Participant) the region is widely present in the mini-programme, which aims at seeking to implement the EU targets on energy efficiency practically.

The conference main objective was to promote knowledge and exchange of experience as well as present good practices, which influence efficient and sustainable use of energy and environmental resources. It was attended by over 50 participants from local and regional authorities and public institutions.

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LEEAN Mid-term meeting: Sweden 26-27th January 2012

From 26 to 27 January 2012  a mid-term meeting for the participants of LEEAN took place at Calmar Stadshotel in the City of Kalmar (Sweden).

During the meeting LEEAN’s Sub-Project Participants presented the progress of the sub-project in the region. Among others the partners discussed what has happened so far and what needs still to be done, outputs that are already achieved and outputs that are planned and also the budget planning issue has been raised. 

The LSPP – SAENA presented general facts on the status of the project after the first two semesters. Further issues such as the project management (coordination and reporting, financial management), future targets and tasks, communication outputs such as project website, newsletter and brochures as well as the activities for the first semester in 2012 have been discussed.

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Polish-German promotional meeting entitled “Innovative technologies – Renewable energy sources”

On 18th October 2011 a Polish-German promotional meeting entitled “Innovative technologies – Renewable energy sources” took place in the Forest School in Bielawa. The meeting was organized under the project called “Local energy efficiency advice and networks (LEEAN)” which is implemented under the INTERREG IVC program “EnercitEE”.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Polish Chamber of Craft and the Guild of Various Crafts and Small Businesses, but also by representatives of the Chamber of Craft from Świdnica and of the Municipal Office of Bielawa. The patronage over the meeting was taken by the president of the Chamber of Crafts in Swidnica – Kazimierz Rachowiecki, the mayor of the city of Bielawa Ryszard Dźwiniel and the president of the City Council of Bielawa Leszek Stróżyk. The representatives of Bielawa included also the deputy of the mayor, Andrzej Hordyj. The German side was represented by the representatives of the Chamber of Craft of Dresden Ivan Purath and Homola, Hubner and Geissler.

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First sub-project publications available

Information material like flyers, newsletters and brochures produced by the EnercitEE sub-projects are made available on the EnercitEE website. Currently the following publications are available:





All sub-project publicity material can be found in the document section.



Kick-off meeting of LEEAN and RIEEB in Dresden (Saxony)

The sub-projects LEEAN and RIEEB jointly held its first meeting in Dresden on 9 March 2011 at the premises of the Saena GmbH as the Lead Sub-Project Participant. The table below shows the partners who attended the kick-off meeting.

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Emilia-Romagna’ Presentation of the 2nd EnercitEE call

The 17th December in the Regional Energy House the 2nd call for proposals has been presented. This event has been realized within the framework of the initiative “Energy: towards the energy programme 2011-2013” started in October 2010 which opened several energy discussion floors for collecting contributions and suggestions for the preparation of new energy programme 2011-2013.

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