Final regional EnercitEE conference in Lower Silesia attracts many participants

One of EnercitEE partners, the region of Lower Silesia, organized its final conference in Wrocław on 20th November. The topic was “Energy efficient buildings. Requirements, best practices and  recommendations based on experiences from EnercitEE.”


The conference aimed to promote knowledge, exchange experience and present good practices that affect the efficient use of energy and the sustainable use of natural resources in the building sector.

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EnercitEE – Final Interregional Conference in Brussels

On 25th September 2013 EnercitEE’s final conference took place in the Saxony Liaison Office in Brussels. About 100 guests from DG Energy, the European Parliament, from many regional liaison offices and federations joined the EnercitEE partners, listened to their experiences made, to the good practices presented and discussed the results with them. 

Showing the implementation of EU energy directives into regional policies and practices as well as giving practical implementation examples – these were the main objectives of the final conference organized by the Mini-Programme Coordination Office, the coordinating team of the Saxon Lead Partner.

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EnercitEE meeting in Annecy/ France

From 31th January to 1st February 2012 EnercitEE‘s Working and Steering Group members met in Annecy, France.

Picture: EnercitEE members

EnercitEE members in Annecy

As it was half time of EnercitEE, the Working Group firstly looked back on the milestones already reached within the project:

  • a strengthened partnership of 5 European regions;
  • 6 Working Group and 4 Steering Group Meetings in Dresden, Wroclaw, Heraklion, Växjö, Annecy and Bologna;
  • a corporate design, website, blog, joint European flyers, regional flyers, EnercitEE roll ups, 4 newsletters, etc;
  • 1st Component Seminar in Växjö on “EE heat and power generation and distribution”;
  • 1 Good Practice Guide on Energy Efficiency Excellence from EnercitEE regions;
  • 1 Policy Advice Seminar in Wroclaw on new instruments for local energy planning and implementation and
  • 11 approved sub-projects.

The Working Group further discussed the structure and timeline of the upcoming Policy maker exchange in Växjö taking place from 31st May to 1st June 2012 and the 3rd Component Seminar scheduled for October 2012 in Leipzig.

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Policy Advice Seminar in Wroclaw / Poland

From 26 to 27 October 2011 energy experts from the regions Saxony, Smaland, Emilia-Romagna, Haute-Savoie and Lower Silesia met in Wroclaw, Poland.

Picture: Experts and EnercitEE members

The overall aim of the seminar was to exchange experience on various quality managements systems, control tools and existing energy planning instruments and policies between the regions and to discuss their pros and cons.

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EnercitEE meeting in Bologna / Italy

From 29 to 30 September 2011 the EnercitEE Working and Steering Group members met in Bologna, Italy.

The Working Group members discussed organisational issues for the upcoming Policy Advice Seminar in Wroclaw (scheduled for end of October 2011) and the Policy Maker Exchange in Växjö, Sweden (planned for June 2012). As a highlight of the meeting the prefinal printed version of the Good Practice Guide (GPG) in English which should be published soon was handed out to the group. Furthermore, the Regional Managers presented the progress and activities of the EnercitEE sub-projects.

In the afternoon of the first day of the meeting the Steering Group members discussed latest regional policies and future challenges in the different regions.

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EnercitEE meeting in Annecy / France

All EnercitEE Working Group members met in Annecy, France, from 28 to 29 June 2011.

Picture: Working Group meeting Annecy June 2011

The aim of the 2-day meeting was mainly to discuss the content and layout of the Good Practice Guide (GPG). In the morning of the first day each EnercitEE Regional Manager presented the good practice examples of its region to be included in the 5 chapters of the GPG. Each chapter deals with Energy Efficiency in the fields of buildings, heat and power generation/supply, transport/mobility, innovation and technology and communication and motivation. The Good Practice Guide in English will be published by the end of summer this year. The English as well as the partners’ translated versions will be provided for download on the EnercitEE website.

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EnercitEE meeting in Växjö/ Sweden

From 5th to 6th April 2011 EnercitEE‘s Working and Steering Group members met in Växjö, Smaland. The aim of the 2-day meeting was to evaluate the 6 eligible sub-project applications that were submitted to the Mini-Programme Coordination Office in the 2nd Call for Proposals.

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PraTLA launched its kick-off meeting

PraTLA – Practical Training in Local Authorities is the second out of six approved sub-projects from EnercitEE’s 1st Call that launched its kick-off meeting in the Saxon Liaison Office in Brussels on 7-8 February 2011.
The sub-project matches energy efficiency needs of local authorities with know-how from students which is transferred into administration by means of practical trainings. The sub-project expects to involve more than 30 students and 50 local authorities in five regions in the project lifetime.

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SUSTRAMM kick-off in Karskrona

Picture: SUSTRAMM logo

SUSTRAMM – Sustainable transports for Managing Mobility

Inom ramen för projekten Mobilitetskontoret i Blekinge, Kalmar respektive Kronobergs län drivs ett tvåårigt europeiskt projekt som siktar till att genomföra Mobility Management (dvs. påverka transportbeteende) oftare och på ett bättre sätt. SUSTRAMM innebär bättre erfarenhets–utbyte, förbättringar av regionala transportstrategier, utbildningar inom Mobility Management samt ett pilotcykelprojekt.

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EnercitEE at the 8th Energy Conservation Days in Wrocław, 3-4 Nov 2010

The aim of the two-day conference was to discuss and popularise the idea of sustainable building in the aspect of energy efficiency, as well as to present the achievements and opportunities concerning energy conservation.

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