EnercitEE at the 8th Energy Conservation Days in Wrocław, 3-4 Nov 2010

The aim of the two-day conference was to discuss and popularise the idea of sustainable building in the aspect of energy efficiency, as well as to present the achievements and opportunities concerning energy conservation.

The meetings were divided thematically into two parts. “The Panel of Consultants” thoroughly overviewed the issues concerning efficiency and energy conservation as well as revitalization of buildings and implementation of sustainable building with rationally low heat demand. “The Panel of Regions” mainly addressed the representatives of the city and regional councils who could share their experiences of implementing various actions in order to promote and increase energy efficiency. Participants included both representatives of private companies and institutions dealing with energy and energy efficiency in a number of ways and local and regional policy makers and officials.

One of the items in the agenda was the presentation of the EnercitEE project. Around 40 participants could become familiar with the project’s characteristics, requirements and benefits.

Picture: 8th Energy Conservation days Lower Silesia

Picture: 8th Energy Conservation days Lower Silesia

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