Final regional EnercitEE conference in Lower Silesia attracts many participants

One of EnercitEE partners, the region of Lower Silesia, organized its final conference in Wrocław on 20th November. The topic was “Energy efficient buildings. Requirements, best practices and  recommendations based on experiences from EnercitEE.”


The conference aimed to promote knowledge, exchange experience and present good practices that affect the efficient use of energy and the sustainable use of natural resources in the building sector.

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Study visit of Lower Silesian local and regional policy makers to Bologna, Emilia-Romagna (Italy)

On 21-23 October 2013, the capital of Italian Emilia-Romagna region, Bologna, was visited by 17 policy makers representing local and regional authorities in Lower Silesia. The visit, which was organised as an activity of the EnercitEE project, was aimed to get to know local good practices and exchange experiences in the field of energy efficiency improvement.


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Kurzfilm über EnercitEE in Sachsen

Im Rahmen der regionalen Abschlussveranstaltung am 13.06.2013 in Dresden Hellerau gedreht, fasst der Kurzfilm Ziele, Aktivitäten und Ergebnisse von EnercitEE in Sachsen zusammen:





EnercitEE at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels

„Practical Approaches to more energy efficiency for European Cities and Citizens“

On 24 April 2013 EnercitEE hosted a quite special dissemination event at the Committee of the Regions (CoR) Building in Brussels.


The idea of such an event was to ensure that interested European, regional and local authorities/stakeholders get to know EnercitEE, its activities and achievements and take this knowledge back to their regions. Therefore the EnercitEE partnership organised a lunch reception in connection with a meeting of one of the CoR commissions – the Commission for Environment, Climate Change and Energy (ENVE).

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Animated film illustrates EnercitEE!

[youtube 2VPRzmsVGGQ]



FIPREC – Workshop in Marzabotto, March 8th 2013

One of FIPREC goals is to encourage and support municipalities to produce by-laws and local regulations promoting energy savings, and study ways that help avoiding to put too heavy a burden on the municipal budget.

On March 8, 2013 a meeting was organized in Marzabotto, BO, aimed at informing the municipal governments about our project and its opportunities. A Region Emilia Romagna representative, Mr. Attilio Raimondi, introduced the actions the Region develops to support local authorities; some tech solutions were then presented. Among them, a public lightening system, the wide opportunities that demotic offers in view of energy savings, and building renovations.


For the latter point, an interesting suggestion was presented in view of developing bylaws and municipal regulations encouraging the citizens to consider energy savings building renovations. An architecture study – Officio Architettura, Castel S. Pietro, BO – first illustrated a detailed example of a building renovation implementing substantial energy savings transformations, and then, in view of considering energy savings without financial burden for the municipal budget, they presented the idea of cubic contents credit.

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3rd Interregional Symposium successfully took place

From 23th to 24th October 2012 EnercitEE Working Group and Steering Group members as well as the Lead Sub-Project Participants from all 11 sub-projects met in Leipzig, Germany.

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Mayors gathered to share spirit of Växjö

More than 30 mayors from all EnercitEE regions came together in Växjö, Sweden from 30 May to 1 June 2012 to visit several examples of “Europe’s greenest city” and to exchange energy efficiency solutions at the local level.

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Policy maker exchange – mayors from the EnercitEE partner regions will travel to Växjö, Sweden

From 30 May to 01 June 2012 the city of Växjö in Smaland, Sweden welcomes interested mayors from the different EnercitEE partner regions to provide an inside into its climate protection and energy policy and its vision to become a fossil fuel free city until 2030. The city of Växjö has been called “the greenest city of Europe” by many journalists, a recognition for its visionary sustainability strategy. 

During the 2 day meeting the mayors will learn why and how Växjö’s vision could have been and will be implemented that successfully. Furthermore they will be presented exemplary energy efficiency measures and solutions in the fields of transport, heat/cooling generation and – distribution, public participation and future strategies that have already been carried out by the city, such as:

Cycle lanes/ boxes
Most CO2 emissions arise in the transport sector. That is why the city fosters the  use of bicycles. A map illustrates the 150 km of cycle paths.

Free parking – for biogas, REM, DME, electrical and hybrid cars
This is an incentive to encourage people to use environmentally friendlier cars.

Bus station – biogas bus
The buses in Växjö are run with biogas produced in the sewage treatment plant in Växjö. 

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16 Saxon mayors will learn from Växjö – the city with the visionary climate protection and energy policy

Within the framework of EnercitEE a study trip to Växjö, Sweden will be organised from 30 May to 01 June 2012. The city of Växjö represents a shining example for climate protection with focus on energy efficiency and use of regional biomass. 

From 01 December 2011 to 25 January 2012 mayors throughout Saxony were welcome to apply for taking part in the study trip. Therefore mayors of the Saxon municipalities needed to describe implemented or planned measures regarding future energy supply in the municipality as well as his/her expectations on and motivation for participating in the study trip. Out of the 27 received applications the jury consisting of representatives of the Saxon State Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology, the Saxon State Ministry of the Environment and Agriculture and Saxon Energy Agency (SAENA GmbH), selected 16 mayors that will go to Växjö.

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