3rd Interregional Symposium successfully took place

From 23th to 24th October 2012 EnercitEE Working Group and Steering Group members as well as the Lead Sub-Project Participants from all 11 sub-projects met in Leipzig, Germany.

Here, EnercitEE Regional Partners held their 9th Working Group and 6th Steering Group Meeting and discussed the current status of the project and certain upcoming tasks and activities. Furthermore the 3rd Interregional Symposium of EnercitEE took place. EnercitEE Interregional Symposia are dedicated on the one hand to the exchange of activities among the Sub-Project Participants and one the other hand to the exchange on a specific topic in the field of Energy Efficiency.

The first part of the Symposium was up to the 11 Lead Sub-Project Participants from all EnercitEE sub-projects reporting from their joint work within the project, their progress and intermediate results and underlined the prospective benefit and outcomes from their project.

After the presentations in 2 group sessions all Lead Sub-Project Participants jointly shared their experience on their biggest success, biggest challenge, on lessons learnt and improvements made in the participating regions in the course of the project. Further the participants dealt with future prospects.

The 2nd part of the Symposium was dedicated to the topic of energy efficient buildings and to the implementation of the  European directive on Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) in the EnercitEE partner regions. The session started with a key note speech held by Martina Jiroutova working in the sub-project RIEEB and provided the basic information on the implementation of the EPBD on national level in Saxony, Smaland, Haute-Savoie, Lower Silesia and Emilia-Romagna.

Afterwards energy experts from all regions introduced into the topic from their point of view and emphasised the advantages but also challenges and other important aspects.  Further, specific questions dealing with the topic were discussed in detail and recommendations given to the improvement on national and/or European level.

Three most interesting presentations on promising innovations held by Stefan Vetter, an energy expert from Saxony, by Giovanni Semprini, energy expert from Emilia-Romagna and Stefan Olsson from Smaland concluded the session.

In the afternoon a study visit to an energy efficient refurbishment of a school (Wilhelm Oswald Gymnasium) was organised. Here Carla Gross and colleagues working for the City of Leipzig and also
participant in the sub-project EEMTE gave an interesting insight in the refurbishment process and guided all participants through the building.  The day closed with a presentation of a so called Blower Door Test metering the air tightness as required under Passive House standard in Saxony.

All outcomes of discussions and experience exchange and recommendations from the 1  ½ day event will be summarized and – together with the Power Point presentations held – made available on EnercitEE website.

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