3rd symposium: Energy efficient buildings and innovations

Presentation ActEE
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Presentation E-FoxES
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Presentation SCC
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Presentation LEEAN
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Presentation PraTLA
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Presentation EEMTE
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Presentation CLIPART
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Presentation SustraMM
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Presentation FIPREC
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Presentation GRACE
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Presentation: Introduction of Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) + results from RIEEB
held by Martina Jiroutova
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Presentation “Plus energy houses - the standard of the future”
held by Stefan Vetter
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Presentation: “Successful retrofitting with LCC-energy in focus. A primary energy perspective on Nearly Zero energy buildings”
held by Stefan Olsson
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Presentation: "Innovative smart metering systems in residential buildings"
held by Giovanni Semprini
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Facts & figures EPBD: Poster SAX
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Facts & figures EPBD: Poster SES
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Facts & figures EPBD: Poster RER
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Facts & figures EPBD: Poster HSA
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Facts & figures EPBD: Poster LSI
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Study visit: Presentation at Wilhelm Ostwald high school
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