Katharina Mörl
Project Coordinator

As project coordinator Katharina would like to motivate all project- and sub-project partners to contribute to the blog on a regular basis. It shall become the diary / the personal journal of EnercitEE. 

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Project Coordinator EnercitEEAnja Barth
Former Project Coordinator

Anja is especially interested in spreading good practices on Energy Efficiency as widely as possible. She initiated this blog to allow EnercitEE partners to publish easily their stories, opinions and discuss their experiences.
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Project Assistant EnercitEEAnne Schulz
Project Assistant

Anne is responsible for the administration of EnercitEE’s website and blog. She will assist you in case you have any problems using this blog.

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Christina Mante
Regional Manager Saxony

Besides being the Financial Manager of EnercitEE, Christina is responsible for all Saxon sub-project partners and thus extremely motivated in spreading good approaches and practices from the region of Saxony.

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Christian Borchard
Project consultant

Christian is a consultant on strategic European energy projects. His company B.&S.U. mbH is supporting the Saxon State Ministry for the Environment and Agriculture in the implementation of the EnercitEE mini-programme.
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Steffi Hänig/Armin Verch
Saxon students taking part in PraTLA

Steffi und Armin are students at the University of Applied Science Zittau/Goerlitz in Saxony. They are currently doing an internship at the Energy Agency of South East Sweden. This is part of the exchange in one of EnercitEE’s sub-projects – PraTLA.
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Francois Wurtz
Regional Manager Haute-Savoie

Francois works at the General Council of Haute-Savoie being responsible for implementing and improving regional climate policies. Furthermore, he is Component Manager and contact person for the EnercitEE sub-projects focusing on citizens as target group.
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David Gillanders
Sub-Project Participant in RIEEB

David works for the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (ESS). Being a Sub-Project Participant within RIEEB David wants to regularly inform on the activities and upcoming meetings.
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Marie Lepretre
Sub-Project Participant – Prioriterre

Marie works in Prioriterre as a coordinator for European projects. Since Prioriterre is involved in four sub-projects, she will be able to give information on how the different actions are running in France and among the consortiums.
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Antje Fritzsche
Sub-Project Participant in CLIPART

Antje works for the Saxon Energy Agency – SAENA GmbH. Being responsible for the PR activities in CLIPART, SAENA will give regular updates on the sub-project’s activities and upcoming events of all CLIPART Sub-Project Partners.
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Ada Pasiniewicz
Sub-Project Participant in LEEAN

Ada works for the Municipality of Bielawa. Within LEEAN she is in charge of the PR activities and will inform the public on the progress of LEEAN, its activities and upcoming events in the partner regions. 
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Steffi Hänig
Lead Sub-Project Participant in PraTLA

As representative of the University of Applied Science Zittau/Goerlitz Steffi is leading the sub-project PraTLA. She is very keen on spreading the experiences and activities the exchange students made during their practical trainings.

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Stefano Valentini
Regional Manager Emilia-Romagna

Stefano employed at ASTER is working for exchange good practices and experiences in the field of energy efficiency at European level. Furthermore he is Component Manager for sub-projects targeting on local authorities. 

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Vittorio Marletto
Lead Sub-Project Participant in CLIPART

Vittorio coordinates the EnercitEE CLIPART sub-project. He is an Italian agricultural meteorologist and climatologist working in Bologna at Arpa, the environmental agency of Emilia-Romagna.
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