EnercitEE at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels

„Practical Approaches to more energy efficiency for European Cities and Citizens“

On 24 April 2013 EnercitEE hosted a quite special dissemination event at the Committee of the Regions (CoR) Building in Brussels.


The idea of such an event was to ensure that interested European, regional and local authorities/stakeholders get to know EnercitEE, its activities and achievements and take this knowledge back to their regions. Therefore the EnercitEE partnership organised a lunch reception in connection with a meeting of one of the CoR commissions – the Commission for Environment, Climate Change and Energy (ENVE).

The ENVE Commission allows for representatives from local and regional authorities to discuss the formulation of policies and to promote best practices in their fields of competence: Environment policy, climate change adaptation and mitigation; renewable energy, trans-European networks in the energy sector and new energy policies; and space policy. The ENVE commission cooperates with the European Commission, especially DG Environment, DG Climate Action, DG Energy (http://cor.europa.eu/en/activities/commissions/enve/Pages/enve.aspx)

The lunch reception offered EnercitEE and its project partners from Haute Savoie, Emilia Romagna, Lower Silesia, Smaland and Saxony the great possibility to give an overview of their personal commitments, ambitious tasks, challenges and outcomes of the project. Besides short statements from 5 European regions, the audience was provided with material, achievements and practical approaches from the project and the 11 sub-projects:

  • EnercitEE’s Good Practice Guide
  • Summaries of EnercitEE’s interregional symposia
  • Information on EnercitEE’s policy maker exchange to Växjö
  • Outputs of EnercitEE’s subprojects: the master manual for builders (LEEAN), a conception for energy saving competitions for schools (E-Foxes); guidelines on mobility management in rural areas and small cities (SustraMM); Energy Performance of Buildings Directive – implementation in 4 European Regions (RIEEB); Climate change planning for regional and local authorities (CLIPART), Contribution of students from 4 European countries to boost energy efficiency in communities (PraTLA).

More than 130 participants joint the reception and seized the opportunity to talk to EnercitEE partners about the project’s achievements. All in all a successful day for EnercitEE’s partnership spreading the great results and valuable outcomes reached by a European cooperation network.

For more information see on the EnercitEE website.

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