FIPREC – Workshop in Marzabotto, March 8th 2013

One of FIPREC goals is to encourage and support municipalities to produce by-laws and local regulations promoting energy savings, and study ways that help avoiding to put too heavy a burden on the municipal budget.

On March 8, 2013 a meeting was organized in Marzabotto, BO, aimed at informing the municipal governments about our project and its opportunities. A Region Emilia Romagna representative, Mr. Attilio Raimondi, introduced the actions the Region develops to support local authorities; some tech solutions were then presented. Among them, a public lightening system, the wide opportunities that demotic offers in view of energy savings, and building renovations.


For the latter point, an interesting suggestion was presented in view of developing bylaws and municipal regulations encouraging the citizens to consider energy savings building renovations. An architecture study – Officio Architettura, Castel S. Pietro, BO – first illustrated a detailed example of a building renovation implementing substantial energy savings transformations, and then, in view of considering energy savings without financial burden for the municipal budget, they presented the idea of cubic contents credit.


The gist is basically that, without directly allowing monetary credits, if the building renovation will involve significant energy efficiency improvements, it might be possible to consider granting credits allowing larger cubic contents for the apartment or the building, for instance in case of buildings which completely used the original allowed cubic contents quota. In case of buildings for which some kind of restriction is applied or it’s impossible to consider enlargement for whatever reason, it might be possible to sell the credits on the free market, of course for renovating or energy efficiency interventions.

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