Polish-German promotional meeting entitled “Innovative technologies – Renewable energy sources”

On 18th October 2011 a Polish-German promotional meeting entitled “Innovative technologies – Renewable energy sources” took place in the Forest School in Bielawa. The meeting was organized under the project called “Local energy efficiency advice and networks (LEEAN)” which is implemented under the INTERREG IVC program “EnercitEE”.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Polish Chamber of Craft and the Guild of Various Crafts and Small Businesses, but also by representatives of the Chamber of Craft from Świdnica and of the Municipal Office of Bielawa. The patronage over the meeting was taken by the president of the Chamber of Crafts in Swidnica – Kazimierz Rachowiecki, the mayor of the city of Bielawa Ryszard Dźwiniel and the president of the City Council of Bielawa Leszek Stróżyk. The representatives of Bielawa included also the deputy of the mayor, Andrzej Hordyj. The German side was represented by the representatives of the Chamber of Craft of Dresden Ivan Purath and Homola, Hubner and Geissler.

The objective of the meeting was to familiarize the participants with innovative technologies and renewable energy sources. Lectures on this subject were conducted by Gedeon Company from Dzierzoniow, Tauron Polska Energia SA, Schreder Polska, Windprojekt Ltd. and the District Centre for Practical Training in Bielawa.

Małgorzata Lucińska, director of the Chamber in Świdnica, said: “The idea of creating a transgenic forum for exchanging views and experiences related to innovative technologies in various fields of business partnership was formed during a meeting with the authorities of the Dresden Chamber of Crafts and the Chamber of Crafts of Swidnica”. Poland is currently involved in the events that lead to changes in the way of producing and using energy, as well as changes in energy sources of which everybody can, and should take advantage of. Bielawa commune also uses this possibility, what was mentioned during a conference by the Deputy Mayor Andrzej Hordyj, and the confirmation of his words was the movie entitled “Bielawa – an ecological model city.” How the use of renewable energy works in practice, both in Poland and in other EU countries, we could see, thanks to the presentation by Mirosław Socha from Gedeon Company. 

Impression from the meeting

The representative of Poland’s Tauron Energia SA – Roman Warchoł, acquainted the participants with the use of green power in Polish power industry. Jacek Jacak and Radosław Szalek, the representatives of Schreder Company, discussed alternative energy sources in Bielawa and EU countries on the basis of the “Green Light” program and an innovative Owlet road lighting control system. Then, the representative of Windprojekt Ltd. – Michał Orzechowski, acquainted the group with the construction and use of wind energy, not only for the good of the environment, but primarily for the benefit of residents. The representatives of the Chamber of Crafts of Dresden in the person of Mr. Hubner and Geissler emphasized in their speech that a change in obtaining renewable energy sources is very important, and that action is vital to save energy during the construction of houses.

Impression from the meeting

At the end of the conference, the District Director of the Practical Training Centre in Bielawa – Grzegorz Raganowicz presented the activities of the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources in Bielawa, and invited the participants to explore the facility owned by him to see how renewable energy sources operate in practice.

Impression from the meeting

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