GRACE was presented at the IEPEC conference

GRACE was presented through a poster presentation in the framework of the IEPEC conference (International Energy Program Evaluation Conference) held in Rome from 12 to 14 June 2012.

More than 140 participants from 24 countries participated in that conference.

AESS, along with partners contributions, developed the poster about the first GRACE’s results. The poster was illustrated by Mr Antinucci on 12 June and reports – along with a brief energy profile of each region – about cost benefits of 3 incentives/grants programmes in the 3 regions involved: Passive House in Saxony (DE), Solar thermal collectors in Lower Silesia (PL) and regional 55% tax rebate in Emilia-Romagna (IT).

PDF-version of the poster

                                                                                              Written by Marcello Antinucci