Joint IEE / INTERREG meeting

I had the chance to participate in a joint IEE & INTERREG meeting organised by INTERACT and EACI. The meeting took place in Brussels from 18 to 19 May 2011. The aim was to bring together different programmes and projects dealing with Energy Efficiency and renewable energy sources.

It was great to see the variety of Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) projects presented there. IEE is a European tool for funding action to move towards a more energy intelligent Europe.

Besides energy agencies funded by IEE a wide range of projects were present. Among others a projects supporting communities that signed the Covenant of Mayors such as COME2COM or ENGAGE. Other IEE projects aim at bringing together experienced and less experienced local authorities in implementing Energy Efficiency actions such as LEAP or CONURBANT. All projects can be further discovered in the IEE database.

Besides IEE projects representatives of INTERREG IVB and INTERREG IVC  were present and contributed to the discussion.

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