SCC – The citizens of Haute-Savoie engaged for eco-consumption

For this “Sustainable Climate Challenge”, prioriterre has organized several workshops in order to inform and engage citizens to think about how they can behave and consume in an eco-friendly way in their daily lives.

Easy gardening:

A local gardener giving a conference on how to garden with as little water & pesticides as possible


Last spring, prioriterre organized a workshop dealing with eco-consumption and gardening.  We proposed different activities and about 60 adults and children attended this successful event!

Carrying out this event was a lot of fun for the attendees but also for us!

A local gardener carried out several mini-conferences on the different methods available to gardening with as little water and pesticide as possible; growing one’s own plants or buying local is a good way to reduce one’s impact on the environment. Children joyfully played with mud to subserve biodiversity by making “seed grenades”… Some other workshops were organized by our partners.

In short, we proposed creative and playful activities where citizens of all ages could get to know how to garden or choose their products while reducing their impact on climate.


Another workshop organized by prioriterre was the occasion to discuss about alternative forms of transportation with participants. Prioriterre proposed a marked path in order to raise awareness about road safety among children. Sometimes, it turned to be a good exercise of agility for them!

Repair one’s bike to move in town with no CO2 emissions

The next workshop will take place during the so-called “Taste week”. Prioriterre will raise awareness among citizens about which products to choose to be as much climate-friendly as possible. With the ‘passport’ we have created, we will be able to track which advices have been applied by the participants. Thus, we will see how citizens from Haute-Savoie manage to be climate-friendly at home!

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