SP 3 - SCC
The sustainable climate challenge

Results achieved in SCC

The guidance on the project is available

in English "The Sustainable Climate Challenge - a guideline of the project on behavioural change - how and what to do"

The following questions should be answered by this guide:

• Why did they do it?
• What did they do?
• How did they do it?
• How did it go?
• Why did it go that way?
• What did they learn?

What was SCC about

The Sustainable Climate Challenge (SCC) project aimed to develop and use methods to involve citizens and inspire them to contribute to targets concerning energy efficiency, green house gas emission and renewable energy - commonly known as the EU targets 20-20-20.
The project challenged different groups of citizens to become more climate smart with regard to their use of energy, transportation and other consumptions. By involving well known persons called "the Climate Idols" (with personal interest in developing the city/region to a climate smart city/region) to challenge or take part in actions SCC hopefully made more impact on the selected group of citizens and also created more media interest.

The project supported the citizens with workshops and provided information on what to change and what kind of measure to adopt. Furthermore, SCC provided possibilities to measure the achievements. Specifically, the project supported all citizens in their change of behaviour with workshops, seminars, meetings, action days and provided information via email, internet and flyers to help them to cut their CO2 emission by 20% and their energy consumption also by 20%.

The exchange of knowledge and experience and dissemination are essential parts of SCC. A guideline on good practices has been produced. The results were be distributed within the participating regions as well as to other European regions.

SCC was submitted under sub-project priority 3:
Network strategies for EE citizens within local markets (EE stakeholders within local markets) 

Overall budget: EUR 174.000,00

Sub-project coordinator:
Mr Pär Wallin

City of Växjö
Box 1222
35112 Växjö, Sweden
Phone:  00 46 470- 41572
Fax:      00 46 470- 12667
Email: par.wallin@vaxjo.se