Tina Larsen, energy and climate adviser in a Swedish municipality: Two PraTLA trainees gave her new inspirations in her daily work

written by Lena Eckerberg


Inspiration and a New Start

The energy and climate adviser Tina Larsen in the municipality of Älmhult, along with students from Allbo Learning Centre, were asked to conduct an analysis on the transportation of personal care assistants. The students themselves chose to do their internship in Älmhult.

Tina says: “That particular period was stressful for me. I was not in the mood for having trainees with me at that moment in time. There’s quite a lot to inform and show when one is taking care of an intern and I was asked to take care of TWO trainees. But I thought that I must give these girls a chance to see what reality is because they are going to be our future representatives in the energy and transport sector. So I said … – All right! The students proved to be very friendly and interested in the work that goes on in the municipality and energy efficiency strategy with regards to transports.”


The students were deeply engaged in obtaining material for their pre-study of how personal care assistants transported themselves between each location.

“They inspired me? What’s this? It was quite unexpected to me.” Tina says, surprised.

It was difficult and time consuming to find the basic information the students needed and the students proposed a new solution to keeping track of shipments in the administration. In addition, the students did field trips and conducted an electrical cycle day for home care staff. The students gathered their experiences into a report that will form the basis for reducing transport in Älmhult municipality which will be a part of Älmhult’s energy efficiency strategy.

“I think they gave a ‘tired’ energy adviser back her energy, ideas and inspiration to continue her work in the area of transport, which is so complicated.” says Tina Larsen. “I would urge anyone who has a chance to take on apprentices in the various fields of energy and climate to take the chance. I’m glad I did it!”

Greetings from a re-ignited Tina Larsen, energy and climate adviser in Älmhult!

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