SUSTRAMM – First steps towards the implementation of an electric bus line in Pirna (Saxony)

On 23 August Saxony´s SUSTRAMM Sub-Project Participants the City of Pirna and the Technical University of Dresden (TU Dresden) jointly deducted a workshop addressing the projected implementation of an electric bus in the historic city centre of Pirna.

First, the results of the enquiry carried out by the TU Dresden to evaluate citizen’s opinion and needs of potential bus users were presented by student Ms Sorof. She pointed out that more than 70 % of interviewed citizens (inhabitants and tourists) would welcome such an electric inner city line.
Subsequently Prof. Udo Becker (chair of traffic ecology at TU Dresden) moderated a constructive and lively discussion on plans for the projected bus route, stops and operation times. As far as possible the city of Pirna will consider all constructive suggestions made on the electric bus line.
One very important aspect was emphasized during the workshop: Pirna´s citizens must identify themselves with the electric bus – it should become “their” bus. To foster citizen’s interest the idea was born to launch a competition for the design of the vehicles outer face. Pirna’s SUSTRAMM representative Manja Becker currently works on the detailed planning of the competition.

Further information will be available here and on the website of Pirna.

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