Successful second interregional meeting for SustraMM in Cluses, France

SustraMM – Sustainable transports for managing mobility – is the one of the six approved sub-projects from EnercitEE’s 1st call. French, German and Swedish partners met for the second time in Cluses, in Haute-Savoie, France on 30-31st of August.

Pirna and TUD presented the workshops and studies carried out about the down-town city bus, which should be in place within a few months. The ESS developed the first implemented training course and the bicycle campaign. Cluses presented the work carried out on the interurban bus network, the city music festival, car-pooling and a platform on ecomobility. A study visit focused on the bicycle green line in Cluses. Further work will include newsletter, training courses, concrete implementation, a partner webmeeting on the 12 identified Mobility Management good examples and a final document on MM recommandations.

The 3rd and last interregional meeting is planned in Pirna/Dresden in September 2012.

From left to right: Cécile Le Quesne, Torsten Belter, Manja Becker, Mr. Richter.


From left to right: M.Lapérère, Cécile Le Quesne, M.Richter, Camille Delepierre, Manja Becker, Torsten Belter, Claude Hugard.

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