Successful closure of 2nd Call

EnercitEE closed its 2nd Call for Proposals on Friday 4 March 2011. Interested parties from the participating regions had over three months time to elaborate their ideas, to find appropriate partners and to set up a joint sub-project application.

Altogether the Mini-Programme Coordination Office received six sub-project applications. These applications will be subject to a two-step evaluation procedure: the eligibility check and the quality assessment. The final decision on approval or non-approval of sub-project proposals will be taken by the EnercitEE Steering Group during its next meeting in Växjö / Sweden beginning of April.

Since two open Calls for Proposals have been foreseen the possibility of participating in one of the twelve sub-project priorities is now completed. However, interested organisations, municipalities, regional actors and private persons are invited to contribute to and profit from EnercitEE in various ways. Please get in touch with us [email].

The six approved sub-projects of the first Call have already started their activities. Up-to-date information on the sub-projects is available on the website.

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