RIEEB partners will meet in Sweden

This week partners from Sweden, Germany, Poland and France will meet in the South of Sweden to discuss how far we have come in the RIEEB-project. The main item on the agenda is the validation tool that each country uses to confirm that calculated energy targets are met in real-life.

We will meet first in Ronneby which is home to Sweden’s first plusenergy house i.e. a single family house which generates more energy than it uses. In Ronneby we will also inspect a block of flats where retrofitting in 200-2009 led to a 35% reduction in energy consumption (from 85 kWh/m²/a to 55 kWh/m²/a). On Friday we travel 100 kilometers to Växjö, Europe’s Greenest city according to the British TV-company BBC. On the menu is a visit to Portvakten, Sweden’ first apartment building constructed in wood and with passivhaus-technique. We will also inspect Bokelund school. The RIEEB project is interested in looking at energy projects in schools, residential buildings and commercial offices.

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