Results of sub-project evaluation 2nd Call

The EnercitEE partner regions have assessed the six applications received under the 2nd Call for Proposals. A decision was taken on 6 April 2011 at the Working and Steering Group Meeting in Växjö. The EnercitEE Steering Group decided:

Acronym Title Regions involved SG decision
E-FoxES Energy Saving Foxes in European Schools Saxony, Haute-Savoie, Region of Crete, Smaland Approved under condition
ActEE Actions and communication Tools about Energy Efficiency Haute-Savoie, Region of Crete, Emilia-Romagna, Lower Silesia Approved under condition
ECE-IGP Energy and cost efficiency of incentives and grant programmes Saxony, Region of Crete, Emilia-Romagna Approved under condition
EEMTE Energy Efficiency in Municipality – Training and Exchange of experience Saxony, Lower Silesia, Haute-Savoie, Smaland Approved under condition
E2F Energy Efficiency Financing Saxony, Emilia-Romagna, Region of Crete Not approved
FIPREC Financing instruments, by Potential and Requirements f Energy saving Contracting Emilia-Romagna, Saxony, Lower Silesia Approved under condition

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