Regional kick-off meeting in Haute-Savoie

On the 8th of June 2010, the Conseil General of Haute-Savoie has organised the regional kick-off meeting in its High Environmental Quality Building in Annecy. The president of Environment Commission has welcomed the 35 representatives from municipalities, universities, public services, associations and energy agencies who have participated in this event as well as local TV and press media that covered EnercitEE.

The organisers of the event aimed at informing about the project itself, presenting the sub projects thematic of the up-coming first call for proposal and attracting possible applicants. After the presentations, a round table animated by the Conseil General took place to exchange ideas about possible proposition and in which sub project it could fit. The challenges and opportunities have been discussed and further information provided about the obligations of a Sub-Project Participant. Conseil General insisted on the fact that it will be here as constant support to help potential participants to develop and build the proposal with the other European participants.

The overall feedback after the event is positive, encouraging and successful for a first time. Some complementary meetings have already taken place with the interested potential participants to precise their ideas. Contacts will be transmitted onto the forum.

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