PraTLA trainee at Energy Agency of Southeast Sweden provided support for a number of projects

written by Lena Eckerberg


Climate compensation and sustainable indicators

Joshua Spencer is studying International Business and Environment at McGill University. He is currently a summer intern who has been placed at the Oskarshamn office of the Energy Agency of Southeast Sweden where he has provided support for a number of projects within the agency
and those of surrounding municipalities.

Throughout the first 2 months of his summer he has been involved with projects in the municipalities of Oskarshamn, Kalmar and Borgholm. Firstly, in Kalmar and Oskarshamn he has assisted the research of municipal climate advisors who are in the process of developing a municipal climate compensation system. This imagined system (or fund) would offset the carbon emissions that are released by municipal employees in their yearly travels. Secondly, in Borgholm he has assisted in researching suitable and effective indicators that can be used to assess the effectiveness and successfulness of sustainable community projects. The collected information will aid the consideration and selection of indicators used in an upcoming international project. He has enjoyed being asked to be involved in such a variety of different areas and hopes that this type of work will continue during his last two months with the agency.

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