PraTLA – Assessing performance and potential is key to success

Many mayors would like to improve the energy efficiency of their city – if convincing solutions were at hand. This is one of the lessons learnt during PraTLA’s 2nd interregional meeting in Annecy on 3 Feb 2012.

PraTLA  has found more than 30 students so far that carry out practical trainings in local authorities helping cities to assess certain aspects of local energy performance or to set up, update and even improve energy strategies. Steffi Hänig a student from Zittau/Görlitz university of Applied Science even assessed local CO2 balancing systems in an interregional comparison when she made an internship at the Energy Agency for South East Sweden in Oskarshamn. The different approaches of Smaland (Kalmar and Kronober)/Blekinge and Saxony that have been identified during her six months training could help to improve both calculations systems in various ways.

Especially in Lower Silesia the sub-project had an enormous impact reports Polish project partner Natalia Janik. Seven students in the region literally set up the first strategic energy plans in their municipalities.
In Haute-Savoie, PraTLA helped both students and local authorities in the sub-project to better grasp local energy saving potential and use of energy efficiency technologies. Three students from IER university in Poisy gave an insight into their work assessing energy consumption and potential measures in different sectors in the village of Scionzier.

Participants of the PraTLA sub-project meeting on 3rd Feb 2012 in Annecy

The four partners agreed that student and local experts trainings in local authorities definitely help to increase the energy efficiency of cities as anticipated in the set up of the sub-project. The precondition however is to thoroughly assess energy consumption figures and to anticipate suitable solutions for the specific situation of the very city.  A number of trainings under PraTLA is yet to come in the next few months and the partners are looking forward to draw some interregional conclusions in their final meeting in Zittau in September 2012.

For more information, please contact SHaenig@hs-zigr.de.

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