Open days in Brussels 8-10 October 2012 – EnercitEE was there!

EnercitEE participated at the Open Days in Brussels, an event dedicated to exchange and networking of European regions. Climate Change and sustainable use of resources are central topic at European level and were well presented at the event. On the one hand many interesting seminars and workshops dealing with this topic could be attended. On the other hand people were also very interested in our activities and eager to get some EnercitEE dissemination material as the Good Practice Guide or project flyers.

It was fantastic to feel the international “European” atmosphere and to meet so many people that are convinced and enthusiastic about the European idea. It was also great to see all the actors, from local, regional, national and European levels that strive ambitiously for reaching the e.g. climate protection targets and for a constant advancement of their ideas. To make it short: a great opportunity to feel the European spirit!

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