Let’s make a trip to the world of energy – energy day in a Swedish kindergarten

In May we spent two days in a Swedish kindergarten to talk about the topic energy. The kindergarten is not far from Oskarshamn, deep in the forest on the Swedish countryside. As we smelled the country air we knew we were right. There the kids have a close contact to the nature and to the animals. They learn to take care of them- in my opinion a really good concept.

At the first day we came in touch with the kids and the teachers. They showed us the surrounding area, we played “hide and seek” and other things.

The mission of our stay in the kindergarten was to talk about energy. Our aim was to give a complete overview about this topic, not only from the technical side.

We thought it is easier to let pictures speak. Therefore, we prepared a slideshow. We would like to invite you on a trip in the world of energy.

[youtube _Bz-NkVScmw]

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