Integrated energy and climate protection concept for Dresden

On 28 July 2011 the Committee for Business Development of the regional capital Dresden decided to commission the compilation of an „Integrated energy and climate protection concept”. After an open call for tenders an external expert was selected to carry out the compilation. 

Within the next 9 months the future energy supply will be discussed with Dresden’s citizens, businesses, the energy industry and administration in order to develop an integrated energy and climate protection concept.

Four sectors will be analysed:
1) Energy saving
2) Efficient production, transport and use of energy
3) Replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energies
4) Limitation of CO2 emissions

Furthermore, Dresden wants to clarify whether a big CHP power plant or several decentralised power plants would be better. The result should be available in summer 2012.      

In 2030 at the latest the compiled concept will be implemented.

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