First meeting of SPPs in Haute-Savoie

On the 15th December 2010, the Conseil Général de la Haute-Savoie (CG74) welcomed the 6 partners who take part in one of the 6 sub-projects that were approved in the 1st Call for Proposals within EnercitEE. EnercitEE aims to foster the exchange of experience on Energy Efficiency among European regions. CG74 also decided to promote the exchange of experience on a regional level between the French Sub-Project Participants (SPP).

Each SPP shortly presented its sub-project. During the meeting it became evident that there is a great potential for synergy on the local level. This has made real the “EnercitEE” effect in Haute-Savoie!!

The round table was also organized to remind the SPP on the INTERREG IVC rules, on the contracts that have to be concluded within the sub-projects as well as on the reporting guidelines. Furthermore, the optimal project implementation in the upcoming two years should be ensured.

Finally, the local SPP came together for taking a picture in front of the bright new French EnercitEE roll ups!

Picture: SPP meeting in Haute-Savoie

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