CLIPART meeting in Jelenia Gora, Poland

On 21 -22 March, in the Polish city of Jelenia Gora, there was another Clipart meeting. The project participants had the opportunity to meet with the city officials, the representatives of local authorities and environmental organizations who were invited for the conference. The meeting started with the warm welcome of Jelenia Góra mayer Marcin Zawiła. Then, the invited quests introduced their opinion about the climate change in the area of Jelenia Góra within last 30 years.

The representative of Mountain Rescue Team (GOPR), Mr Wojciech Jurdyga talked about how climate change influenced the quality of work of the rescue team members.

Ms Ewa Sęp Duran the representative of Environment Department of Jelenia Góra City Council introduced main ecological challenges that the city would have to face within next 10 years.

Jacek Jakubiec the founder of Ecological organizations introduced the history of ecological movements in Poland and the main environmental challenges that his generation had to deal with after the end of communism in 1989.

In the end of the first meeting Mr Michal Makowski who represented the Karkonoski National Park gave his speech about climate change in the Karkonosze Mountains within last 25 years.

After the city hall conference the Clipart participants met in Paulinum Palace for the its own meeting. During two meeting days the participant of the project started to work on a CLIPART HANDBOOK  which introduces the main idea of climate change. It aims to be a kind of blueprint for local authorities and politicians to help them plan and review activities in all sectors, in prospect of consistent and continuous efforts to reach the greenhouse gas reduction objectives set by The European Parliament and International climate change conventions.

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