16 Saxon mayors will learn from Växjö – the city with the visionary climate protection and energy policy

Within the framework of EnercitEE a study trip to Växjö, Sweden will be organised from 30 May to 01 June 2012. The city of Växjö represents a shining example for climate protection with focus on energy efficiency and use of regional biomass. 

From 01 December 2011 to 25 January 2012 mayors throughout Saxony were welcome to apply for taking part in the study trip. Therefore mayors of the Saxon municipalities needed to describe implemented or planned measures regarding future energy supply in the municipality as well as his/her expectations on and motivation for participating in the study trip. Out of the 27 received applications the jury consisting of representatives of the Saxon State Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology, the Saxon State Ministry of the Environment and Agriculture and Saxon Energy Agency (SAENA GmbH), selected 16 mayors that will go to Växjö.

During the study trip the mayors will learn about the strategy of Växjö, visit good practices in the city and talk to local politicians on energy efficiency, CO2 and energy balancing and the impact on the regional economic cycle. Apart from this the participating mayors will have the opportunity to exchange experiences with mayors from the other EnercitEE regions Haute-Savoie, Emilia-Romagna and Lower Silesia.

At the end of the study trip the participating mayors should be inspired by the visionary concept of Växjö to implement similar approaches and policies in their communities and counties.
Mr Frank Kupfer, Saxon State Minister of the Environment and Agriculture will welcome all Saxon mayors back and will look forward to listen to what the mayors have learned during the study visit.

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