EnercitEE: An overview

EnercitEE is organised as a mini-programme under INTERREG IVC, with seven partners from six regions.

The seven regional partners are:

picture: partner regions

All partner regions have different policies, programmes of measures, experiences and expertise in the field of climate protection, energy efficiency and sustainable transport. The engagement of local authorities and citizens, the measures taken and the frameworks created to support sustainable and energy-conscious policies and lifestyles differ between the participating countries in terms of their extent and scope.

Therefore, the exchange of experience will be fundamental to this mini-programme.

The partners will compile policy instruments, examples of good practice and case studies from their regions. Furthermore, practical guidelines and policy recommendations produced within EnercitEE will provide valuable assistance for other European regions aiming to improve their energy performance and policies.

EnercitEE is organised into four components. The different parts are interlinked and tangible outputs will be produced. An experienced component manager will supervise the implementation and supervision of each component. For more information on the structure of EnercitEE please visit our website and read the EnercitEE Manual.