The sub-project priorities and the 1st Call for Proposals

The 1st Call for Proposals for EnercitEE sub-projects is currently open. Applications can be submitted to the coordination office until 24th September 2010. Up to twelve sub-projects can be approved. The idea is to enable local and regional actors to jointly develop and implement ideas, and to exchange experiences in the field of energy efficiency. Projects must be jointly run by partners from at least three EnercitEE regions.

picture: Interregional exchange

EnercitEE has twelve thematic sub-project priorities – six for citizens and six for local authorities – which propose a wide range of energy efficiency policies’ topics and needs.

Energy efficient citizens:

SP 1   Strategies of EE knowledge transfer (local energy advice
         and networks)
SP 2   Awareness raising policies (EE competitions and games)
SP 3   Network strategies for EE citizens within local markets
         (EE stakeholders within local markets)
SP 4   Promotion & exchange of citizens’ good practice examples
         on EE
SP 5   Exchange of incentives and grant programmes for citizens
SP 6   Strategies and plans for EE mobility & transport

Energy efficient local authorities:

SP 7   EE training instruments for public authorities’ staff &
         knowledge exchange
SP 8   Financing instruments as policies for local authorities
SP 9   Strategies to improve energy consumption in public buildings
SP 10 Regional climate policies for mitigation & adaptation – 
         exchange between local authorities’ staff
SP 11 Improving local energy policies – “job shadowing” in local
SP 12 New instruments for local energy planning and

The partner search for the development of joint sub-project proposals is facilitated through the search forum on the EnercitEE website. The EnercitEE Steering Group will select sub-projects from the sub-project proposals, preferably one for each priority, and will then recommend them for funding.

Sub-projects should be developed jointly on an interregional basis; they should also clearly contribute to the overall goals of EnercitEE; and should produce results that are in line with the thematic sub-project priorities. Exchanging experiences at policy level is a fundamental requirement in all sub-projects. Light pilot implementation is possible if a clear link to the improvement of policies and exchange of experience is ensured.

All requirements for sub-project applicants are published on the website