Local energy efficiency advice and networks

Results achieved in LEEAN

The master manual for builders is only available as printed version

in Deutsch "Bauherrenmappe - Ein Leitfaden für Bauherren".

In order to receive more information on the document, please contact:

Karin Röser
Sächsische Energieagentur - SAENA GmbH
Pirnaische Straße 9
01069 Dresden
Tel.: 0049 351 49103178
Email: karin.roeser@saena.de

The Policy Paper is only available

in English "Policy Paper"

The results from the interregional exchange have been summarised in this common document:

1. An idea rises from a problem
(description of the problem
identified as a reference of
the regional application);
2. How was the idea implemented
by the partner?
3. How was the main output
brought to the target groups?
4. Conditions and actors
5. Contact details of the
implementing organisations

The Best Practice Catalogue is only available

in English "Best Practice Catalogue"

The document contains 3 good practices per partner from 5 European regions. The main focus of presented best practices is the awareness raising of homeowners or tenants concerning energy efficiency. It also includes examples for motivating municipalities to save energy.

The guidebook for builders is available

in Italian "Energie e cittadini - Guida all'informazione technica"

The guide deals among others with the following topics:

1) Information and technical support
2) Technical information
3) Subsidies and incentives
4) Innovations in Emilia-Romagna


What was LEEAN about

The overall objective of LEEAN was to support municipal staff, staff of (social) housing associations and local energy agencies in counselling private house owners, tenants, businesses, immigrants as well as families suffering from fuel poverty to cut energy costs, to behave in an energy efficient manner and to get to know and adopt adequate good EE practises. LEEAN concentrated hereby on the building and housing sector which accounts for 40% of total EU energy consumption.

The extraordinary interregional partnership with profound specific expertise in the field on EE ensured a broad variety of tailor made EE knowledge and instruments as well as an intensive interregional know-how exchange on existing approaches and instruments. In the end, EE strategies and measures especially in the building and housing sector were supposed to be better and more often implemented, energy advisory services and networks strengthened and reinforced and good practises successfully transferred.

Eventually, LEEAN also counted for a chance to substantially support the development and optimization of regional and local policies.

LEEAN was submitted under sub-project priority 1:
Strategies of EE knowledge transfer (local energy advise and networks)

Overall budget: EUR 343.058,00

Sub-project coordinator:
Ms Antje Fritzsche

Saxon Energy Agency – SAENA GmbH
Pirnaische Straße 9
01069 Dresden, Germany
Phone: 0049-351-49103173
Fax: 0049-351-49103155
Email: antje.fritzsche@saena.de