Climatic Planning and Reviewing Tools for regions and local authorities

Results achieved in CLIPART

The Final Handbook is available

in English "Climate change planning for regional and local authorities"

in Deutsch "Planung von Maßnahmen zu Klimaschutz und Anpasung ..."

in Swedish "Klimatplanering i praktiken ..."

in Polish "Planowanie zmian klimatu ..."

in French "La planification du changement climatique ..."

in Italian "Pianificazione climatica ... "

The Italian version is also available in ebook formats like ePub (for tablet, smartphone) and mobi (for Kindle-Amazon)

The Initial Report is available

in English "Initial CLIPART Report"

and on wiki site

The ICR contains a collection of 51 examples of existing know-how and best practices about climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives and/or energy and environmental policies from the five project partners at their level of governance (regions and/or local authorities).


What was CLIPART about

The CLIPART sub-project aimed at providing procedures and tools to support regional and local authorities in climate policy planning and implementation. Given the relevance and the urgency of the climatic issue, an overall regional or local green house gas budget should be devised and set every year with sector assignments.

For that purpose the project partners exchanged and shared existing experiences that were discussed and analyzed in order to produce a general methodology that could be directly followed and applied by European regions and municipalities to ensure effective climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The partnership collected and analysed all existing know how on climate change and energy policies at their level of governance. Build on this existing knowledge and on extensive internal discussion and confrontation with local authorities, staff and stakeholders a general procedure for climate change planning and implementation was set up and made broadly available.

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CLIPART was submitted under sub-project priority 10:
Regional climate policies for mitigation & adaptation - exchange of local authorities'staff

Overall budget: EUR 287.000,00

Sub-project coordinator:
Mr Vittorio Marletto

Arpa Emilia-Romagna, Servizio IdroMeteoClima
Viale Luigi Silvani 6
40122 Bologna, Italy
Phone: 00 39 0516497564
Fax: 00 39 0516497501
Email: vmarletto@arpa.emr.it