EnercitEE’s Policy Advice Seminar

From 26 to 27 October 2011 energy experts from Saxony, Smaland, Emilia-Romagna, Haute- Savoie and Lower Silesia met in Wroclaw to exchange experiences on various quality management systems, control tools and existing energy planning instruments and policies between the regions and to discuss their pros and cons.

In the first part of the seminar experts presented and discussed specific instruments and policies for local and regional energy planning and implementation.

The second part of the seminar was characterized by open sessions in which the experts provided suggestions and recommendations to tackle challenges in the regions and/or on the local level.

The summary of the seminar including presentations of the experts, the outcomes of the workshops and policy recommendations have been compiled in a brochure. 
It can serve mayors and other decision makers, energy advisors and staff of climate and environmental protection units as a basis for introducing new strategies, instruments and approaches in their local/regional energy efficiency work and as inspiration for further discussion.

Corresponding documents for download (PDF-file)

Overall summary