3rd interregional symposium:
Energy Efficient Buildings and Innovations

EnercitEE partners shared their experiences among other things regarding the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) during the 3rd interregional symposium from 23 to 24 October 2012 in Leipzig/Germany.

The three corner stones of EnercitEE (Sub-projects, Regional EE policies, Good practices) led to the structure of the 3rd interregional symposium.

Part I was dedicated to the presentation of sub-project achievements and results. On Tuesday, 23 October 2012 in the afternoon, the Lead Sub-Project Participants presented their outputs and results in 4 thematic blocks:

1.) Education & Communication: ActEE, SCC, E-FoxES, LEEAN
2.) Training & Advice: EEMTE, PraTLA
3.) Local Climate Protection: CLIPART, SustraMM
4.) Finances & Incentives for Buildings: FIPREC, GRACE

In between these presentations a group session was organised to provide the sub-projects with a chance to exchange experience on the implementation of their projects: problems faced, solutions found, lessons learned within EnercitEE. Furthermore the Sub-Project Participants discussed together with the regional partners also future prospects: for example how the project may bring forward the future energy and climate protection topic in their institution, municipality or region.

Part II focused on the special topic of “Energy Efficient Buildings + Innovation”. On 24 October 2012 all participants went deeply into related regional EE policy settings and implementations in EnercitEE regions. The aim was to have a fruitful exchange of experience that enables all participating regions to step forward in the energy performance of buildings and to decrease their energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the long term. Problems in EnercitEE partner regions were appointed, possible solutions identified and policy recommendations for EU, national and regional level formulated.

WS I: EPBD implementation at Euregia fair Study visit at refurbished building in

In the afternoon of the 24 October 2012, all participants had the opportunity to join Part III – a study visit at a refurbished building in Passive House Standard – the Wilhelm Ostwald School in Leipzig. Mrs. Carla Gross and colleagues working for the City of Leipzig and involved in the EEMTE sub-project gave an interesting insight in the refurbishment process and guided all participants through the building. This session was closed with a presentation of a so called Blower Door Test, metering the air tightness required under Passive House Standard in Saxony.

Corresponding documents for download (PDF-files)