1st interregional symposium:
Energy Efficient heat/power generation & distribution

During the first EnercitEE interregional symposium (Component Seminar) in Växjö in April 2011 the participants discussed the topic of “Energy Efficient heat/power generation & distribution”. Furthermore, they tried to find ways how to approach the issue in each of EnercitEE’s regions. Around 30 persons from the partnership and the sub-projects took part.

The first symposium covered a very broad field from combined heat and power generation (CHP) to innovative energy generation, covering district heating concepts to refurbishment of pipelines.

The main goal of EnercitEE’s first interregional symposium was to better understand the different points of departure for EnercitEE partners to move to more Energy Efficiency. For the discussion the EnercitEE partners prepared regional background papers and posters on the current situation of energy supply, energy sources, where energy is used and finally the policy background. The result of the discussion should also provide input for a future development of energy strategies regarding the increase of combined heat and power (CHP) in the different regions.

Corresponding documents for download (PDF-files)