The 2nd Call for Proposals

The 2nd Call for Proposals for EnercitEE sub-projects is currently open. Applications can be submitted to the coordination office until 4 March 2011. Up to six sub-projects can be approved in the second Call for Proposals.

A budget of around 935.000 EUR can be allocated for sub-projects. The recommended sub-project size ranges from 100.000 to 270.000 EUR.

The following sub-project priorities are open in the 2nd Call for Proposals:

SP 2   Awareness raising policies (EE competitions and games)
SP 4   Promotion & exchange of citizens’ good practice examples on EE
SP 5   Exchange of incentives and grant programmes for citizens
SP 7   EE training instruments for public authorities’ staff & knowledge
SP 8   Financing instruments as policies for local authorities
SP 12 New instruments for local energy planning and implementation

Before submitting an application, the documents provided in the application pack should be studied. The Terms of Reference and the EnercitEE Strategy Paper, in particular, have to be read carefully. Practical information on how to set up a sub-project application can be found in the handbook for SPP.