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June 2012

Mayors gathered to share spirit of Växjö

More than 30 mayors from all EnercitEE regions came together in Växjö, Sweden from 30 May to 1 June 2012 to visit several examples of Europe’s greenest city and to exchange energy efficiency solutions at the local level.

\Picture: Impressions

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March 2012

Energy efficient Saxony: Ten new initiatives for climate protection

Under this slogan an EnercitEE conference took place on 27 February 2012 in Dresden.
The Saxon State Ministry for the Environment and Agriculture (SMUL), being the Lead Partner of EnercitEE, invited representatives of local authorities, energy agencies, universities and other interested parties to join the conference in order to not only getting to know new initiatives that deal with energy efficiency and climate protection but also to profit from their activities and results.

Pciture: Mr Kupfer opened the event

Mr Frank Kupfer opened the conference

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February 2012

EnercitEE meeting in Annecy/ France

From 31th January to 1st February 2012 EnercitEE‘s Working and Steering Group members met in Annecy, France.

Picture: EnercitEE members

EnercitEE members in Annecy

As it was half time of EnercitEE, the Working Group firstly looked back on the milestones already reached within the project:

  • a strengthened partnership of 5 European regions;
  • 6 Working Group and 4 Steering Group Meetings in Dresden, Wroclaw, Heraklion, Växjö, Annecy and Bologna;
  • a corporate design, website, blog, joint European flyers, regional flyers, EnercitEE roll ups, 4 newsletters, etc;
  • 1st Component Seminar in Växjö on “EE heat and power generation and distribution”;
  • 1 Good Practice Guide on Energy Efficiency Excellence from EnercitEE regions;
  • 1 Policy Advice Seminar in Wroclaw on new instruments for local energy planning and implementation and
  • 11 approved sub-projects.

The Working Group further discussed the structure and timeline of the upcoming Policy maker exchange in Växjö taking place from 31st May to 1st June 2012 and the 3rd Component Seminar scheduled for October 2012 in Leipzig.

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December 2011

EnercitEE Good Practice Guide is now available.

We are happy to inform you that our EnercitEE Good Practice Guide is now available.

The Good Practice Guide is one important result of the interregional exchange of experience. In this brochure outstanding good practice examples from the EnercitEE partner regions in the specific areas of competence such as buildings, heat/power generation and distribution, transport, innovation and technology, and communication and motivation are presented.

The English as well as German version can be downloaded from the document section.

In case you wish to receive copies of our Good Practice Guide in English or German please contact the Mini-Programme Coordination Office via email at info@enercitee.eu


November 2011

Policy Advice Seminar in Wroclaw / Poland

From 26 to 27 October 2011 energy experts from the regions Saxony, Smaland, Emilia-Romagna, Haute-Savoie and Lower Silesia met in Wroclaw, Poland. 

Picture: Experts and EnercitEE members

The overall aim of the seminar was to exchange experience on various quality managements systems, control tools and existing energy planning instruments and policies between the regions and to discuss their pros and cons.

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October 2011

EnercitEE meeting in Bologna / Italy

From 29 to 30 September 2011 the EnercitEE Working and Steering Group members met in Bologna, Italy.

The Working Group members discussed organisational issues for the upcoming policy advice seminar in Wroclaw (scheduled for end of October 2011) and the policy maker exchange in Växjö, Sweden (planned for June 2012). As a highlight of the meeting the prefinal printed version of the Good Practice Guide (GPG) in English which should be published soon was handed out to the group. Furthermore, the Regional Managers presented the progress and activities of the EnercitEE sub-projects.
In the afternoon of the first day of the meeting the Steering Group members discussed latest regional policies and future challenges in the different regions.  

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August 2011

First sub-project publications available

Information material like flyers, newsletters and brochures produced by the EnercitEE sub-projects are made available on the EnercitEE website. Currently the following publications are available:





 All sub-project publicity material can be found in the document section.

July 2011

EnercitEE meeting in Annecy / France

All EnercitEE Working Group members met in Annecy, France, from 28 to 29 June 2011.

Picture: Working Group meeting Annecy June 2011

The aim of the 2-day meeting was mainly to discuss the content and layout of the Good Practice Guide (GPG). In the morning of the first day each EnercitEE Regional Manager presented the good practice examples of its region to be included in the 5 chapters of the GPG. Each chapter deals with Energy Efficiency in the fields of buildings, heat and power generation/supply, transport/mobility, innovation and technology and communication and motivation. The Good Practice Guide in English will be published by the end of summer this year. The English as well as the partners’ translated versions will be provided for download on the EnercitEE website.

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June 2011

First results of EnercitEE in Haute-Savoie

On 7 June 2011 the Regional Partner from Haute-Savoie welcomed the students that take part in the sub-project PraTLA. The students presented their recommendations concerning energy efficiency measures resulting from the analysis of several energy balances from six different communes.   

More information can be found on the EnercitEE blog.

May 2011

SP11 PraTLA - First 2 students from Saxony started their practical trainings in Smaland

Two students of the University of Applied Science Zittau/ Goerlitz, Steffi Hänig and Armin Verch, are going to complete their practical training in Smaland - the heart of Southeast Sweden with its typical red houses and a long tradition of energy efficiency-focused and environmental-friendly thinking.

Picture: Steffi Hänig and Achim Verch in Smaland

On 6 April the two students reached Sweden. Their first stop was in Växjö, where they took part at the 2 ½ -day component seminar of EnercitEE and got in contact with the participants from five regions in Europe. After some interesting presentations and excursions the students continued their journey towards Oskarshamn.

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May 2011

EnercitEE blog is now online

The EnercitEE blog is now online - www.enercitee.eu/blog.

The aim of the EnercitEE blog is to tell stories behind EnercitEE and to animate discussions on issues around Energy Efficiency. The blog should further be used to spread good practices and to give a lively inside into EnercitEE: into the complex topic of Energy Efficiency and the strategies of EnercitEE partners. Furthermore, examples of practical implementation will be given and new developments highlighted.

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May 2011

Kick-off meeting of LEEAN and RIEEB in Dresden (Saxony)

The sub-projects LEEAN and RIEEB jointly held its first meeting in Dresden on 9 March 2011 at the premises of the Saena GmbH as the Lead Sub-Project Participant. The table below shows the partners who attended the kick-off meeting.

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May 2011

Results of sub-project evaluation 2nd Call

The EnercitEE partner regions have assessed the six applications received under the 2nd Call for Proposals. A decision was taken on 6 April 2011 at the Working and Steering Group Meeting in Växjö. The EnercitEE Steering Group decided:

AcronymTitleRegions involvedSG decision
E-FoxES Energy Saving Foxes in European Schools Saxony, Haute-Savoie, Region of Crete, Smaland Approved under condition
ActEE Actions and communication Tools about Energy Efficiency Haute-Savoie, Region of Crete, Emilia-Romagna, Lower Silesia Approved under condition
ECE-IGP Energy and cost efficiency of incentives and grant programmes Saxony, Region of Crete, Emilia-Romagna Approved under condition
EEMTE Energy Efficiency in Municipality - Training and Exchange of experience Saxony, Lower Silesia, Haute-Savoie, Smaland Approved under condition
E2F Energy Efficiency Financing Saxony, Emilia-Romagna, Region of Crete Not approved
FIPREC Financing instruments, by Potential and Requirements f Energy saving Contracting Emilia-Romagna, Saxony, Lower Silesia Approved under condition


April 2011

EnercitEE meeting in Växjö/ Sweden

From 5th to 6th April 2011 EnercitEE‘s Working and Steering Group members met in Växjö, Smaland. The aim of the 2-day meeting was to evaluate the 6 eligible sub-project applications that were submitted to the Mini-Programme Coordination Office in the 2nd Call for Proposals.

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March 2011

EnercitEE is partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign

In February EnercitEE has been endorsed as an official partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. EnercitEE received the approval of the European Commission to enter the Campaign and participate in the Awards 2011.

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March 2011

Successful closure of 2nd Call

EnercitEE closed its 2nd Call for Proposals on Friday 4 March 2011. Interested parties from the participating regions had over three months time to elaborate their ideas, to find appropriate partners and to set up a joint sub-project application.

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March 2011

Upcoming closure of the 2nd Call for Proposals

On Friday, 4 March 2011, the 2nd Call for Proposals will close. In order to participate in one of the six open sub-project priorities interested Sub-Project Participants should make sure that they submit the application form with all the necessary annexes to the Mini-Programme Coordination Office on Friday, 4 March 2011 the latest.

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February 2011

Kick-off meeting of CLIPART in Bologna

The CLIPART sub-project held its first meeting in Bologna, January 27 and 28, 2011, at Arpa-Simc headquarters. Partners from SAENA, Germany, and Air-Aps, France, were present but also partners from REAC, Greece and Jelenia Gora, Poland could attend at least partially the meeting by videoconference.

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February 2011

Kick-off meeting for SUSTRAMM in Karlskrona, Sweden on 8-9th February


SUSTRAMM – Sustainable transports for managing mobility- is the one of the six approved projects from EnercitEE’s 1st call. French, German and Swedish partners met at the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden in Karlskrona on February 8th and 9th in order to launch SUSTRAMM project and start working with sustainable mobility. The focus is on the exchange of experience between and within all three regions. Collaboration started at once with many Mobility Management issues discussed and will lead to fruitful cooperation.

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February 2011

PraTLA launched its kick-off meeting

PraTLA - Practical Training in Local Authorities is the second out of six approved sub-projects from EnercitEE’s 1st Call that launched its kick-off meeting in the Saxon Liaison Office in Brussels on 7-8 February 2011.
The sub-project matches energy efficiency needs of local authorities with know-how from students which is transferred into administration by means of practical trainings. The sub-project expects to involve more than 30 students and 50 local authorities in five regions in the project lifetime.

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