February 2011

Kick-off meeting for SUSTRAMM in Karlskrona, Sweden on 8-9th February


SUSTRAMM – Sustainable transports for managing mobility- is the one of the six approved projects from EnercitEE’s 1st call. French, German and Swedish partners met at the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden in Karlskrona on February 8th and 9th in order to launch SUSTRAMM project and start working with sustainable mobility. The focus is on the exchange of experience between and within all three regions. Collaboration started at once with many Mobility Management issues discussed and will lead to fruitful cooperation.

Practically, SUSTRAMM encompasses 2 days training courses for city administrators and officials in each region within Mobility Management as well as light pilot implementation projects (a bicycle competition for commuters in Southeast Sweden, electric bicycles for city officials in the Municipality of Cluses, electric busses in the historical centre in the City of Pirna).

Key issues of the kick-off meeting were a presentation of the state of the art of Mobility Management in Haute-Savoie, Saxony and Southeast Sweden, as well as a study visit at the Municipality of Karlskrona.  Cécile (Cluses) presented the planning tools and laws as well as their existing free local bus system in Cluses. Camille (Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden) mentioned the four steps principle and SUMO a Mobility Management measure monitoring and evaluation tool. Udo (TUD) presented 3 MM approaches in Saxony: cost reduction for companies, combined with public transport/CarSharing, RideSharing and starting with schools and universities.

The next interregional meeting is planned in Cluses, Haute Savoie in August 2011.

Picture: SUSTRAMM kick-off in Karskrona

From left to right:
Sofia Bothorp (Karlskrona kommun, SE), Claude Hugard (Municipality of Cluses, Haute Savoie, FR), Manja Becker (City of Pirna, Saxony, DE), Matthias Richter (City of Pirna, Saxony, DE), Cécile Drouillet (Municipality of Cluses, Haute-Savoie, FR), Camille Delepierre (ESS, Småland med Öarna + Blekinge, SE), Udo Becker (Technical University of Dresden, Saxony, DE), Lisa Wälitalo (Municipality of Karlskrona, SE)