Geothermal energy use in Jelenia Gora, Poland

The second EnercitEE Working Group meeting was held at the end of May 2010 in Wroclaw, Poland. Subsequent to the meeting, the participants had the chance to take part in a study visit and training session organised by the EnercitEE partner, the Marshall’s Office of Lower Silesia, on Friday, 28 May 2010. The workshop was dedicated to the exchange of good practice in the field of geothermal usage in order to improve energy efficiency. The study visit as well as the training session were related to the use of geothermal water for building’s heating and health treatment in the ‘Cieplice Zdroj spa’.

About 10 representatives of EnercitEE’s Regional Partners joined in the field trip, followed the presentations and discussed the potential and challenges of using geothermic in Jelenia Gora. The visit was hosted by Mr Jerzy Lenard, the Vice President of Jelenia Gora and Ms Jadwiga Osinska, the Head of European Funds Unit.

After the welcoming address a new project using geothermic was presented by Ms Magdalena Kwasiuk, the Head of Architecture, Town-planning and Building Unit in Jelenia Gora’s Town Hall. She introduced the participants to the “Cieplice Thermes – Lower Silesian Centre of Water Recreation” project.

Later on, the participants could learn about the history of the ‘Cieplice spa’ and its future perspectives. The presentation and following tour through the spa facilities was realised by Mr Roman Jalako, the President of Cieplice health-resort limited company and Mr Robert Moskwa, a member of board being in charge of finance, sales and marketing. They described the natural recourses of Cieplice; properties of the curative waters as well as types of health treatment in the spa.

In the cellar of the spa itself, the heat ex-change was presented and the Engineer Mr Piotr Kozak gave an overview on the technical details of the facility. This presentation was followed by a lively discussion on the technical requirements for using geothermic for heating and the potential further usage of the natural resources existing in Jelenia Gora.

Finally the participants were given the possibility to visit a borehole next to the spa facilities. A geologist from the municipality was explaining that the water is coming up there with over 80 degrees and could be used for heating the water in the new spaas well as in the future for the heating of buildings.


Corresponding documents for download (PDF-files)