Sub-project priorities

Sub-projects under EnercitEE concentrated on two target groups at the local level:

a) citizens as a key group of energy consumption and
b) local authorities as policy making bodies for energy efficiency and
    as institutions to become more energy efficient.

The 12 thematic priority areas for the sub-projects were:

To address Energy efficient citizens:

  • SP 1   Strategies of EE knowledge transfer
             (local energy advice and networks)
  • SP 2   Awareness raising policies (EE competitions and games)
  • SP 3   Network strategies for EE citizens within local markets
             (EE stakeholders within local  markets)
  • SP 4   Promotion & exchange of citizens’ good practice examples
             on EE
  • SP 5   Exchange of incentives and grant programmes for citizens
  • SP 6   Strategies and plans for EE mobility & transport

To address Energy efficient local authorities:

  • SP 7   EE training instruments for public authorities’ staff &
             knowledge exchange
  • SP 8   Financing instruments as policies for local authorities
  • SP 9   Strategies to improve energy consumption in public 
  • SP 10 Regional climate policies for mitigation & adaptation
             - exchange between local authorities’ staff
  • SP 11 Improving local energy policies - "job shadowing" in local
  • SP 12 New instruments for local energy planning and