Sustainable transports for managing mobility

Results achieved in SustraMM

The SustraMM final brochure is available

in English "Guidelines and recommendations on mobility management in rural areas and small cities"

in Deutsch "Richtlinien und Empfehlungen für Mobilitätsmanagement ..."

in French "Lignes directrice et recommendations pour le management de la mobilité ..."

in Swedish "Mobility Management ... - Riktlinjer och Rekommendationer"


The SustraMM Good Practice Guide is available

in English "Mobility Management in the SustraMM regions"

in Deutsch "Mobilitätsmanagement der SustraMM-Regionen"

in French "La Gestion de la mobilité dans les régions du projet SustraMM"

in Swedish "Mobility Management från regionerna i SustraMM"

The working paper on the commuter traffic is available

in English "Commuter traffic - effects on region's prosperity " - based on desktop research

The document deals with general information on commuting, describes effets on commuting (from the point of view of the commute off region), summarises (potential) advantages and disadvantages of the commuting and presents cross border examples of commuting in Europe.

The working paper on the cycling analysis is available

in English "Cost and benefits of cycling" - based on desktop research

The document contains the following chapters:

- benefit analysis (benefits for 
  economy and community)
- cost analysis (investments, cost
  effective campaigning and
  individual costs)
- summary of non-motorised
  transport's benefits and costs  

The research paper about free public transport services is available

in English "Advantages and disadvantages of free public transport services"

This paper discusses different aspects, especially the advantages and disadvantages of free public transport for different target groups such as the public transport user, community, local authority, public transport operator. In addition, good practice examples are highlighted.  

What SustraMM was about

SUSTRAMM addressed the dramatic environmental, social and economical consequences of our energy hungry lifestyles by supporting local and regional authorities to reach EU Energy and Climate Package targets within the sustainable transportation and Mobility Management (MM) fields.

SUSTRAMM aimed at encouraging changes in attitudes and behaviour. SUSTRAMM led to a better exchange of experience within each region as well as between the regions, e.g. thanks to reinforced networks of stakeholders and decision-makers on the topic of MM. Key actors were trained in MM to improve the understanding and inclusion of soft measures actions within transport strategies. The produced guidelines and recommendations on Mobility Management will impact transport planning locally and regionally.

As a result, Mobility Management strategies and measures were better and more often implemented and Mobility Management networks reinforced. The long term impact of SUSTRAMM is to reach more sustainable and energy efficient transport systems.

SUSTRAMM was submitted under sub-project priority 6:
Strategies and plans for EE mobility & transport

Overall budget: EUR 141.344,13

Sub-project coordinator:
Ms Camille Delepierre

Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden
Framtidsvägen 10A
35196 Växjö, Sweden
Phone: 00 46 (0) 766 20 90 52
Email: info@energikontorsydost.se

To obtain more information about SUSTRAMM on the ESS website, click here.