Grants and other incentives for cost and energy efficiency

Results achieved in GRACE

The brochure on good practices of GRACE is only available

in Deutsch "Energiewende - Ausgewählte Praxisbeispiele im Landkreis Bautzen"

The brochure deals with the following topics:

- heat supply (Wärme-
- citizen solar and photovoltaic
systems (Bürgersolar- und
- public bodies and facilities
(öffentliche Einrichtungen
und Anlagen) as well as
- the European Energy Award.

The summary of the regional evaluation reports is available

in English "Summary Evaluation Report for Lower Silesia Region (LSI), Free State of Saxony (SAX) and Emilia Romagna (RER)".

Evaluation Report SAX - Deutsch

Evaluation Report SAX - English

Evaluation Report RER - Italian

Evaluation Report RER - English

Evaluation Report LSI - Polish

What was GRACE about

The aim of the sub-project GRACE was to analyse costs and real impact of public and private funding schemes focused on energy efficiency for citizens and communities in the participating regions.

Running programmes were evaluated in terms of involved beneficiaries, satisfaction of beneficiaries, saved energy and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The sub-project partners promoted successful examples of local and private initiatives, e.g. promising projects of communities for their citizens. Results from pilot projects in the partner regions concerning new financial instruments, including revolving funds and tax-related measures, were analysed in detail.

At the end of the project, the partners summarised all findings and formulated suggestions on how to further develop existing programmes or to establish new funding schemes. They used the gained knowledge to improve their regional advisory service, promote innovative financing instruments and support citizens and communities to select the right programme.

GRACE was submitted under sub-project priority 5:
Exchange of incentives and grant programmes for citizens

Overall budget: EUR 129.150,00

Sub-project coordinator:
Prof Jürgen Besold

Bautzen Innovation Center
Preuschwitzer Straße 20
02625 Bautzen, Germany
Phone: 00 49-3591-3802020
Email: tgz@tgz-bautzen.de