EnercitEE’s final conference in Brussels - European Energy Efficiency Directives – Tools and Recommendations for Regions and Cities

On 25th September 2013 EnercitEE’s final conference took place in the Saxony Liaison Office in Brussels. About 100 guests from DG Energy, the European Parliament, from many regional liaison offices and federations joined the EnercitEE partners, listened to their experiences made, to the good practices presented and discussed the results with them.

Monika Hoegen, an independent Brussels and Cologne-based journalist invited all guests to join her and the EnercitEE partners on a journey through Europe and the 5 EnercitEE regions Saxony, Smaland, Emilia-Romagna, Haute-Savoie and Lower Silesia showing the implementation of EU energy directives into regional policies and practices as well as giving practical implementation examples.

All partners concluded at the end of the day that the final conference has been successful and hopefully the results presented will find their way into many other European regions.

For more information on the final conference and its presentations please click here.