Saxony´s new energy and climate programme released for hearing

The draft version of Saxony´s first Energy and Climate Programme was released on 25 October for hearing in the Saxon Cabinet. This programme will substitute and combine the former Energy Programme (2004), the Climate Protection Programme (2001) and the Action Plan Energy and Climate (2008).

When setting up the programme it was a fundamental principle to be respected that economic, ecologic and social aspects are considered equally – that’s why the programme was developed in cooperation between the Ministry for Environment and Agriculture and the Ministry for Economy, Technology and Transportation.

 An important goal set forth in the Energy and Climate Programme is the reduction of CO2-emissions in the non-emission trading sector by 25 % until 2020 compared to 2009.

 Increasing energy efficiency is considered as a central action field to achieve this goal. Saxony´s economics minister Sven Morlok states: “Energy policy is not contradictory to climate protection but closely connected. Energy efficiency means saving valuable resources, reducing emissions and increasing economic efficiency.” The Energy and Climate Programme identifies various areas with a high potential and need to enhance energy efficiency:

  • Energy generation: increasing share of combined heat and power generation (remarkable potential is seen in the industry and business sector, in particular biomass CHP plants will be supported. Assuming a constant electricity consumption an increase of CHP- on electricity consumption of 30 % can be achieved)
  • improving efficient energy transport and distribution (adoption of energy distribution grids to new requirements)
  • increasing EE in commerce and industry using the Saxon energy performance certificate for commerce and industry sector as an instrument to evaluate the energy performance)
  • increasing EE in the transport sector
  • energy efficient refurbishment of buildings and
  • supporting and motivating private households to become more energy efficient.

Measures to implement energy efficiency and climate protection targets will be formulated as an attachment to the programme.

It is expected that the draft Energy and Climate Programme will pass the Saxon Cabinet without major changes and come into force in the first quarter of 2012.

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