Efficient – Regenerative – Profitable: Smart Concepts and Tools for Municipal Energy Supply

On 18 April 2013 a joint conference of the EU-projects EnercitEE and EmPower has taken place in Leipzig, Saxony. More than 100 participants listened to the presentation of ten innovative technical and strategic solutions.

Since both EU-projects deal with the topic of energy efficiency (and renewable energies for EmPower as well) a cooperation was planned to bring forward the topic to additional target groups and to add some additional aspects to the own point of view. While EnercitEE addresses its activities to citizens and communities, EmPower reaches additionally the target group of entrepreneurs and companies. While EnercitEE works rather on the political-strategic level, EmPower is dealing mainly with innovative technologies in the field of sustainable energy generation and distribution. However, thematic priorities and target groups of both projects meet at several points and synergistic effects should be used. This plan was successfully put into effect with the joint organisation of this technical conference.

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Please find the programme here.

The presentations are available for download here.

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