Regional Impact with Energy Efficient Buildings

Results achieved in RIEEB

The RIEEB final brochure is available

as bilingual version (English - German)

in English "Energy Perfmance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) - Implementation in Germany, Sweden, Poland and France" and

in Deutsch "Europäische Gebäuderichtlinie - Umsetzung in Deutschland, Schweden, Polen und Frankreich"

The final brochure contains a variety of policy recommendations and presents detailed results of the investigation and an overview of the national laws.

as bilingual version (English - Polish)


What was RIEEB about

The building sector spends 85% of this energy on heating and hot water. Therefore, reduction of energy consumption and the use of energy from renewable sources in the buildings sector constitute important measures to reduce the European Union’s energy dependency and greenhouse gas emissions. It is necessary to determine more concrete actions to make use of the huge unrealised potential for energy savings in buildings and reduce the large differences between Member States’ results in this sector.

Within RIEEB, external experts in the partner regions reviewed the implementation of national regulations on energy efficiency of buildings in more than 30 buildings, including different building-categories. The climatic, architectural, technical and structural characteristics of each partner region was considered.

The project helped to significantly increase the knowledge and awareness of energy efficiency in buildings among stakeholders in the partner regions. The experience gained during the project was useful for practical implementation in their respective regions for target groups such as Architects, engineers, construction companies and builders. Furthermore a validity check was developed to enhance the efficient enforcement of regional regulations in building authorities. The plausibility-tool supports the national authorities when considering building applications for accuracy.

RIEEB was submitted under sub-project priority 9:
Strategies to improve energy consumption in public buildings

Overall budget: EUR 240.376,00

Sub-project coordinator:
Mr Stefan Vetter

Saxon Energy Agency – SAENA GmbH
Pirnaische Straße 9
01069 Dresden, Germany
Phone: 0049-351-49103183
Fax: 0049-351-49103155
Email: stefan.vetter@saena.de