Energy Efficiency in Municipality - Training and Exchange of experience

Results achieved in EEMTE

The brochure on the handling with passive houses is only available

in Deutsch "Nutzerhandbuch Passivhausschule -Wilhelm-Ostwald-Gymnasium in Leipzig"

in English "User Manual for Passive House School Buildings"

The document deals with the following issues, e.g.:
- Principles of construction and
  functionalities of a passive house
- specific aspects of educational
- Example: Wilhelm-Ostwald-
  Gymnasium Leipzig
- Advices for users of the building, 
  operators and administrators

The EEMTE Manual is available 

in English "Energy Efficiency in Municipality - Training and Exchange of Experience".

The document reports on the regions, partners and their methodologies and lessons learnt.


What was EEMTE about

EEMTE’s objective was to jointly develop information and training materials as well as training instruments. Training concepts cover subjects such as the creation of local energy strategies, energy management and energy planning.

Training courses combined with presentations and demonstrations were organised to enable an integrated approach to solving problems associated with obtaining improvement in energy efficiency, to familiarize government officials and employees of public institutions with legal regulations in force, share information, exchange experiences and good practices. The methodology and training instruments developed within the project were promoted and made available to local stakeholders (public authorities of different levels).

Furthermore, EEMTE partners set up an overview on existing training concepts and from this starting point provided recommendations for good training concepts. Each partner adjusted these general recommendations to the needs and specific aspects in the regions.

EEMTE was submitted under sub-project priority 7:
EE training instruments for public authorities' staff & knowledge exchange

Overall budget:    EUR 231.750,00

Sub-project coordinator:
Mr Andrzej Dudek

The Commune of Jelcz-Laskowice
ul. Wincentego Witosa 24
55220 Jelcz-Laskowice, Poland
Email: ad-rekord@o2.pl

Katarzyna Ciechanowska
ul. W. Witosa 24
55220 Jelcz-Laskowice
Phone:   00 48 -713-817122
E-mail: um.fundusze2@jelcz-laskowice.pl