Region of Crete, Greece

Until 30 June 2011 the Region of Crete was partner of EnercitEE.

picture: map of Crete

Regional Manager:

Dr Nikolas Zografakis
Phone: +30 2810 224 854

“Energy Sector – Regional Programming”

In December 1993, within the framework of implementing regional energy policy and in pursuit of establishing Crete as preferential area for extensive applications of Renewable Energy Sources in Europe, the Region of Crete has founded a Regional Energy Agency.

The main objectives of the Regional Energy Agency of Crete are:

  • To contribute to the formation of the Regional Energy Policy, in close co-operation with all the responsible bodies in local and regional level and in accordance with the National and European Energy Policy
  • To co-ordinate the energy programmes and activities of several regional and local bodies, to combine them with other Community or National programmes (Research and Technology, Environment, Tourism etc.)
  • To participate in European and National energy programmes and networks. To promote European and international co-operation.
  • To provide objective consultancy services to interested bodies.
  • To promote (through information, dissemination) programmes, technologies and applications of renewable energy sources, rational use of energy, energy saving etc.
  • To organise training and educational programmes, seminars, technical visits, conferences, etc.
  • To promote the awareness of citizen consumers and energy users.

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