Lower Silesia, Poland

Lowers Silesia - view of Sniezka Mountain

The Lower Silesian Voivodeship (Region) executes public issues defined by law that are not reserved for the governmental administration (inter alia: public education, healthcare, spatial planning, environment protection) on its own behalf and on its own responsibility. The regional authority administrates regional property and manages finance based on the budget.

There are some fine examples of good practices in Lower Silesia, e.g. “Center for Renewable Energy Sources” in the Vocational Training Center in Bielawa, “ABS Cluster”, which brings together: energy industry businesses, research centers, large energy consumers and local authorities, Lower Silesian Center for Advanced Technologies, Center of the Innovation’s Promotion in the Energy Industry that can be used and developed in other regions.

The Region gained some experience in solar and hydro energy as well as geothermal waters application. However energy efficiency needs better promotion and support in the region. Lower Silesia expects that the project's activities will contribute to creation of a coherent energy policy of the region.

Regional Managers:

Arkadiusz Suliga
Tel. +48 71 776 91 37
Fax. +48 71 776 91 12
Email: arkadiusz.suliga@dolnyslask.pl

Ludmiła Bieda
Tel. +48 71 776 93 67
Fax. +48 71 776 91 12
Email: ludmila.bieda@dolnyslask.pl

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